The Basics About Swinging

In swinging lifestyle nobody is frustrated or cares about lost loves. In swinger lifestyle, couples give and receive pleasure but, there are many important things you should always keep in mind when going into the lifestyle.

Do not start swinging if any, you or your partner do not want to swing.

Do not go into swinger lifestyle if you are not sure of what you want or how strong is your relationship.

Swinger life style needs good communication more than anything. Couples in swinging lifestyle must be confident and capable of talking in a open way.

Swinger Lifestyle Common Practices:

Soft swinging
Soft swinging is a couple watching another couples while both having sex. This may include some shared foreplay, usually oral sex yet no vaginal penetration or intercourse will occur. Soft swinging is intended to be a turn on for couples and only to spice things up a little and to have fun. Lots of new swinger couples first tried this modality of swinging before jumping to full swinging (open swinging or closed swinging).

Closed swinging
This is very commonly called “wife swapping” and it takes place when two couples exchange partners for having sex indifferent rooms. By closed swinging both partners in a couple have an intimate experience. It is usual swinger couples practice this since there’s less chance of being interrupted.

Open swinging
Open swinging consists in couples swapping and having sex in the same room at the same time and even on the same bed. This implies orgies and it its a good chance for some exhibitionism and voyeurism. Open swinging is a complete and total release for mind and body since you let it all go, with any sexual fantasy or desire. However for open swinging to be enjoyable no one in the group should be jealous.
Swingers are healthy people

Swingers are healthy people and you too should. Practice safe sex and keep yourself disease free. Even when most swingers are healthy people there are always some that are not. Nobody is totally free of risks but you can judge yourself.

Every day, more couples opt for swinger lifestyle since it is a way to get away from daily stress and routine. In swinger lifestyle there are many new experiences for everyone. Online swinger clubs, communities and sites make it easier to contact other couples for swinging or swapping.