Swingers Beach Costa Rica

by / Thursday, 20 March 2014 / Published in Blog, Swingers

the southwestern coast of Costa Rica a long foamy stretch of dark sand and palm trees, with mountains rising immediately to the east that echo the endless grind of the sea, where the surfing is legendary year around. No less than a hundred small hotels run the length of the shore, and outdoor showers dot the moist landscape full of tanned and natural looking people.

Swinger fun can be had at nearly any beach resort that’s got some kind of year around attraction. When the alcohol, sun, and with the necessity of nearly naked dress, it’s normal and natural for sexuality to come to the forefront of the beach experience. There’s no need to go online and look under swingers personals to find such encounters, although swingers in city areas certainly will find plenty of resources and groups full of swingers ready to put together a safe and exciting swingers party.