Social Pressures

Swingers social pressure

Starting from the concept that “collective identity results from the interaction between individuals inside a group or social common goal”, I’ll refer to a group that, apparently, has no politic or social transcendence since a common goal seems to be their only motivation to integration: Eroticism.

I’ll refer to swingers, they are a “erotic population” with their own specific preferences and whose preferences may apply only to a selected group or minority , like sadomasochists and some other alternative lifestyles.

Swingers posses an “erotic group” identity because being swinger is a choice. Seen as people who like wife swapping, people who have their own rules and rites. There are huge myths relating the construction of such a social entity like the swinger lifestyle and there are lots of stereotypes placing swingers like abnormal people.

Seen like a non-moral minority many times, who don’t care to sexually share their partners with other couples, swingers face, at least the precepts about how men should be in intimacy, women and sexual and couple life and relationships.

In other words: On swinger men and women’s shoulders weights the construction of their “social genre”, where their sexuality and its practice is essential. Men have been taught that only them may have some love affair outside their relationship; women used to be taught that having sexual pleasure was not correct for them; and for couple life was assigned fidelity and privacy.

Counter wise, to be a swinger, you need to throw this prejudgments:

Neither men are women owners nor women are indecent because of feeling sexual desire
Couples are being infidels (since they are consenting adults)
It is bad to desire your neighbor’s wife or husband.

That’s how gay and lesbians came to challenge heterosexuality. Swingers are getting popular amongst couples nowadays at the same time they revive the eroticism through swingers parties at their clubs or even private in-house swingers parties.

Swingers have lots of sexual practices like fetishism, voyeurism, masturbation and many more. These once added some erotic or spice can be really exciting.

Years ago, you couldn’t even think of such a thing as a swinger couple and less to have them expressing as they are now these days. Fortunately , landscape is a little better for swingers these days so, it’s time to join the fun.