Sleeping With Bisexual Women – Breaking the Ice

by / Monday, 24 March 2014 / Published in Blog


Are you curious what it would be … like to sleep with two women at the same time? Have you had this fantasy for quite a while, but nothing has ever materialized? Do you think it is time you took the leap and made a conscious effort to try and have a threesome? Well, you have a very good chance and this article will help you understand why!

For a start; you are definitely not the only one with these thoughts. Men across the globe dream about the exact same scenario that you dream about now. It is only natural; as sleeping with women is usually the high point in your day or week. Imagine how exciting it would be to sleep with two at the same time!

This is where it gets hard. Approaching women and suggesting a threesome is possibly one of the most awkward things ever. From the outside it may seem that most women are not interested. Here is the thing though; most women are, they just won’t admit it.

So why do most women never experience? Because they are not on a sexual level with you, or don’t feel like they can open up to you. You need to have a relationship with a woman that means something. This does not mean they have to be your partner, but you need a high level of mutual respect towards one another. If you can master this then some time in the near future you will be able to break the ice and suggest having a threesome. The chances are you will be pleasantly surprised!

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