Rules of Swinging

  • “NO” means “NO”: if you can not respect the other persons` wish or if you can not state yours, than the swinger life is “NO” for you.
  • Do not try to ruin a marriage.
  • Respect the fixed dating or announce the others in time about the changing of circumstances.
  • Always respect the first date, having in regard the fact that you have no obligation, but do not hesitate “to get into the action” if you like each other, or to say “NO”, if there is no chemistry.
  • Under no circumstance, do not pressure a partner to have sex with you.
  • Confine the discussion about the swinger life to the known swingers and to the people interested in this lifestyle, in search of some information.
  • Protect the privacy of other swingers, forbearing from the unauthorized uttering of names.
  • Always maintain the highest standards of personal cleanness and of the outer aspect.
  • Do not engage yourself in an illegal activity of any kind which could discredit the swingers as a group.
  • Be friendly and gentle to your swing partners, but understand that there is a sort of emotional involvement, exclusively reserved to your husband / wife or to the one that is the “first“ person in your life.
  • Always treat with respect the personal attitude, feelings and complexes of other swingers.