Replacement Sex

Will swingers’ sex ever replace couple’s sex?

Some normal questions for those couples trying to join the swingers lifestyle and swingers sex are:

Will swingers sex affect our couple’s sex?
Could our couple sex’ continuity be interrupted?
Are we going to feel the same desires even when we focus our energy in swingers and group sex?

It is an interesting topic because, when we decide that a couple is running out of sexual interest, swinging, becomes an option to improve, to restore or to regain this lost stimulation. I intend by no means to say this is the only and one purpose of swingers sex, on the contrary, most swinger couples now in the swinger lifestyle and who engages in swingers sex, begun with a good marital intimacy and a healthy sex life. It was the “desire” that went on the rise what pushed them to expand their horizons.

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The marital bed

The marital bed is a safe place and which has a warm air and where some aspects which are not directly present in swinging, come into play.

Affective values
Habits and routine
Strong intimacy

The above mentioned are something special and unique for each couple’s relationship and make couple’s sex irreplaceable. On the other hand children and everyday life’s tension interfere with the free expression of a couple.

My point is:

Couple’s sex is complicated, while swingers’ sex is simple. Swingers choose the couple they like, talk to meet one another enough… and then, to bed. There in swingers’ sex is expressed only sex and nothing else, no compromises, no pending matters, no burdens, only good and real sex.

One thing is sure, swinger sex will not replace couple’s sex because, since swingers’ sex provides pleasure and it becomes part of a couples’ life, we can speak about an interaction between both couples’ and swingers’ sex; Swinging rises the morbo along with the fantasies of a couple and it generates a “sexual complicity” that stimulates in a genital way. This is why lots of swinger couples see their couples’ sex increased after the first swinging experience.

To finish, we may take something into consideration: Swinging is to “move”. It is to pass through other couples’ bed, not to stay there neither to look for more than sex in that moment. If this “policy” is respected (and most swingers do respect it) there will not be any thing to regret.

Swingers move from a pleasure to a new one and then, repeat the process. Swingers only have a static point during their constant movement and it is: THEIR COUPLE.