Reasons to Swing

Swinger Life Style: 10 reasons to consider swinging

Swinging can be a really great experience for a couple but , why? , why to consider swinging? Here is a top ten that might help you to jump into the lifestyle and then , from soft swinging to full swinging.

Swinging is called “recreational sex” but , it is , in fact , responsible non-monogamy. Lots of swinger couples get together for wife swapping and group sex.

Reason to swing #1

Swingers are the kind of exciting and fun company to be with. Swingers are transparent , active , honest and very open to new friendships. Swingers really enjoy their life style all the time a swinger will always be a swinger and like it. Environment at their clubs is usually free but they really know how to have fun at parties , picnics , etc.It is a good experience to share with swingers since they are wonderful people.

Reason to swing # 2

Health. Swingers must have a healthy life style.The majority of swinger clubs and scenes discourage excessive alcohol consumption, do not allow drug use and always try to provide good exercise.To stay healthy is a good practice in lifestyle since there are events all the time. Swinging will occupy you out of your home .

Reason to swing # 3

Swinger life style is an environment that gives opportunity to anyone to dress daring dresses and lingerie.You can now show off those things you use to buy at sex shops or by catalog. Nobody will laugh or anything.Most swingers enjoy dressing up and being watched.

Reason to swing # 4

Fantasies. Have you ever dreamed of two women ? or wanted one of your same sex ? may be sharing yourself with a stranger ? some one to watch you? on watching others for a turn on? lots and lots of flesh to pick up from? If you can think of it , you’ll find it in the life style. Swinging is all about fantasies.

Reason to swing # 5

Performance. A couple may be adept lovers but some things need to be seen and practiced, not just read about.

Reason to swing # 6

Being attractive is good to anyone. This is a good reason to go into swinger lifestyle since you’ll need to stay on a diet and exercising to be “selectable” in a swinger party .Many times people stop maintaining their attractiveness when they “settle down”You don’t have to look like a 10 but attractiveness is about the attitude of a “10”.

Reason to swing # 7

Menu. Swingers are not hungry of variety.Your partner may be delicious but why having a limit to yourself? Nice muscles, big boobs , middle and/or big penises , you want some red heads huh ? no problem , you choose , there are red heads , brunettes , blondes and whatever you want , positions ??? anyone you want , you just need to go in .It’s all there in swinger life style.

Reason to swing # 8

New and good friendships.If you’re lucky , you have a couple of really good friends.If you start meeting swingers you probably get several more.In swinger life style , you can meet other couples that share your interests and are willing to share to an intimate level.

Reason to swing # 9

Not only more but, better friends.It is sad that jealousy and other issues break so many friendships and couples. Swinging can bring many good things to friendships.In the lifestyle you need no to hide anything , if you desire your best friend’s wife or husband just go and take it into your bed.It is better to watch your partner and join him/her to have sex with another person that not having him/her because of it.
The top reason to consider swinging is:

Playing along with your partner. Arriving to a party , having lots of sex and non-monogamous fun and then leaving as a couple.It is what makes swinger lifestyle different from other lifestyles;couples do this together.

You don’t usually see partners together but , in the sexual sharing of swinging lifestyle it is almost necessary.It’s not about sharing your partner with someone else is sharing your couple with somebody else . It’s about enjoying yourselves while at the same time opening to receive someone else into your fun. Sharing experiences build a solid relationship. Sharing, that’s what swinging is about in the end.