Party Types

The differences between swingers parties and fetish parties are getting less all the time, but they do still exist. Some people in each genre still look down upon the behaviours of the other grouping, but we try to persuade everyone to keep an open mind and accept and celebrate our differences.
Swingers Clubs & Parties.

Swingers are people who are open about their sexuality, they meet together to exchange partners and have sex with people other than their normal life partner, or to watch their partners have sex with other people.

Some offshoots off swinging include:

  • Greedy Girls/Gang Bangs
  • Dogging (Car Park Sex)

Swingers clubs and parties usually have either a “smart sexy” or “fully naked” dress code.

Fetish Clubs & Parties.
Fetishists are people who enjoy dressing up (or down) as a prelude to sex, or who are aroused by a particular form of dress, or body part. The sexual aspect may sometimes be played out in a club, but is very often only shared by a couple after they return home.

Basically a fetish is something (sometimes totally unrelated to sex) that turns a person on but is not enjoyed by the majority of people.

Some fetish examples

  • Foot worship
  • The wearing of Latex, rubber or furry outfits
  • Wearing uniforms – Military, Police, Fireman, Nurse, schoolgirl, schoolboy, baby
  • Sex whilst Smoking
  • Watersports (urinating on each other)
  • BDSM (Bondage, Discipline and sado masocism)
  • Pony Girls
  • Exhibitionism / Public Sex
  • Bukakke (Groups of men masturbating and ejaculating onto a naked girl)

More extreme examples include:

  • Necrophilia
  • Scat (defecation on a person)
  • Amputees
  • Punishments
  • Ball Gags

A few years ago no-one would have sex at a fetish clkub, but these days many have areas where people can go to have sex with their own partners or to swap with other people.

Social Clubs (Munches)
Both swingers and fetishists have meetings where no action takes place, or where activities are limited. These meetings are usually called Swingers Socials, a munch or Munches.

These meetings are a safe way for new people to meet those already involved in the scenes to discuss expectations and to make dates for future private meetings.