Party Games

Swinger party games

You can invite 3 o 4 other couples to stay at your home and let you all have a different and unique night, remember that swinging is not only sex, we’re not talking about wife swapping here. Swinging couples must really enjoy themselves while enojying other swinger couples. Here, I’ll place some funny and sexy games you can play during a private swinging party .

Meet swingers in your area

Ask your selves when was the last time you were playing any kind of game together?, in this first part are not one but FIVE sexy games for your swinger parties at home. Spice up your sex life by playing some sexy games with your guests. You will not regret.

Sexual fantasies come true

What is needed?

Bags (1 per couple), papers and pens.

How to play this swinger party game:

Each swinging couple playing the game should write down 3 or more fantasies that can be acted at the time the game is being played. You must tell your guest couples in advance you’re going to play this game so each person may bring anything he/she needs to play their fantasies. Then all take turns for some body else to take a paper out from a bag and then … let the fun begin.

If you pick one of your a fantasy and you don’t feel comfortable doing it, tell the other person and then, chose another from the bag or may be another person may want to do it.

Hide and seek the toys

What is needed?

Sex toys of your choice , a bag and papers.

How to play this swinger party game:

Place the toys hidden around the house. After doing it you must give other swinging couples the clues you wrote on the papers and when they find them they have to use them on the swinger they’ll pick from the bag where you previously placed the name of each guest in a paper. Then it is the turn for the person who have been just pleased with the toy to look for a toy.

Sixty Sexy Seconds

What is needed?

Just your tongue, lips and hands.

How to play this swinger party game:

All must take turns to pick a part of the body and letting a couple to spend 60 seconds taking care that spot with kisses, licking, nibbling, caressing or anything (use your imagination).

What it will do for you: You ‘ll be able “warm up” for later and the chance to know what the other swinger couples in your party like to be touched or caressed and what they don’t .

This is a “must have”: Sexy Dice

What is needed?

Two different collored dice it’ll be nice if you could build them with a string material with the words written on them instead of buying them because, it willl show you take the time to do things right. If you can not buy the dice you can Use one dice as letters and keep the other dice as normal. Write a chart on paper that associates each letter with a body part and each number (on the other dice) with an action.

For example:

Dice A:

1. Suck
2. Lick
3. Caress
4. Kiss
5. Nibble
6. Variety

Dice B:

a. Stomach
b. Chest/breasts
c. Neck
d. Toes
e. Legs
f. .Privates

How to play this swinger party game:

Take turns rolling both dice at once and then , perform the action that you get on the body part that you get , you choose the one to be your receiver.
This is another good turn-on for any swinger party.Spend all the time you want until the person who is receiving takes the turn to roll the dice.

Gues what is it?

What you will need:

Marbles,pearl necklace,silk, your hair,blindfold, a feather, ice, a part of your body, a flower, a piece of your lingerie, any thing that you want to use

How to play this swinger party game:

Blindfold a couple attending the party and have them lie on their stomach without any clothes on put all in a blck bag or in a box so no one can see inside (in this way it will take longer to guess). Pick the objects from the box/bag and sensuously trace over their bare skin with different objects from the ones you chosen to use and have them guess what you are touching them with, and tell you if they like it.

Well, for those who can’t wait for too long, here is the second part of Swinger party games article I wrote last week.

This games are a little light for people who have been in the lifestyle for some time but, they are really good ones if you invite new swingers couples so that they can feel comfortable and start to know all others in the party.

You may modify this swinger party games by adding some nudity or giving some erotic prixes to the winners or just by pairing two people from different couples .I’ll only give you the basis, you take xcare of the rest.

Guess Mate

– One person from each swinger couple must go outside the room. You must have planned some questions to the group and/or to couples. The ones who stay inside answer the questions about their date, spousse, mate, wife, husband or whatever. They should answer the questions the way they think their partner would answer if asked the same thing. You must provide them some to write the answers on, in this way , you are sure they can give the same answer when asking the other half of teh couples. Point values for each question that matchs must be assigned. Then , bring out the next set of questions and this time reverse the inside and outside roles. The swinger coulpe with most matches get a prize. It is nice to give them they can use or share during the night.
Musical Partners

– It is needed to have an even number of people to actually participate in this game. (The host can be the person to stop the music). Put some muic to play and select 2 people to dance with each other (choose fast or slow). Then someone turns the music off at random intervals, then, the 2 people dancing select new partners. Continue to play the game and select new partners until everyone is dancing.
Yellow Ribbon…

– It is a nice way to introduce everyone there are an even number of people at your party. Get some riibbon or yarn, cut the ribbon/yarn up into pieces with different lengths (at least 100 to 300 or 400 uneven pieces). Get everyone into pairs, and tell them to search throughout all the house to find as many pieces of the cutted ribbon/yarn as they can. Each coulpe must tie all the pieces they find together to create one long piece of yarn/ribbon. Whoever gets to make the longest piece of ribbon/yarn at the end of the time you are going to play (5minutes should do it) wins the game (It is OK if not every piece of ribbon is found).
Mix and Match

– Get as much oversized clothing as you can (both male and female). Try to find from pantyhose and lingerie to shoes and hats. Make sure that there are even (and enugh) amounts of both the male and female clothing. Mix up the clothes and put them into a laundry basket or a big box .Mark a finish line on the floor. There must be one person in charge of timing with a stopwatch. When the one in charge of timing says, “Go,” the first couple runs to the basket/box of clothes and dresses as fast as they can. The woman dresses with men’s clothes, and the man with women’s clothing. Once both are dressed they have to run to the finish line hand in hand. Each couple does the same thing and that one with the least time spent on doing it wins.

Bag a Mate

– During the course of the party, separate the men and women. Tell the men to go to one room, and the women to another. Put a large paper bag over each person’s head, and send both sexes back into one room. No talking allowed and each person must “feel and touch around” to find his/her mate.If you fail to find your mate don’t worry , may be she /he have found another as well.
Grab a Man

– A nice game to pair/exchange up couples. Blindfold all of the women, all of the men start walking around them in a circle. When you say , “Go”,each woman grabs a man.Once done , enjoy.
Give Me Some Sugar

-Tie both people in a couple’s hands behind their backs, have them to face each other. Each player must be blindfold, put a sugary or sweet treat in one partner’s mouth . If the treat has any sort of wrap, couples must have to get to unwrap the treat, and feed it to their partner. The couple who accomplishes the objective first (if any), without using their hands(since these are tied) wins a prize!