Online Dating

Online Dating: Contacting and dating online swingers.

You’ve been through almost all the internet, tried several online swingers clubs and finally, found a nice couple (or a few couples). Now what?

You may feel the “first date feeling” but, don’t panic; Remember, you want to cause a good impression on the other swinging couple and at the same time try to make things work.
Before your date

You may want to start by meeting swingers in a non-sexual date. Even if you first met in a erotic chat room or may be a swinger party hosted by some body, it is good to see people in their normal life.

Agree in the best and most comfortable place for both swinger couples to meet. Try to choose a place where you could talk in a free way without unwanted people listening to you.
The day of your date

Ok, it ts time to look as you never did before. For men, dress shoes and pants will do the job but, try to wear a nice shirt also. If the restaurat is some sort of upscale it will be alright to wear a jacket or a tie. Women, remember to impress. Show what you have but without being too provocative (or vulgar). However, depending on where you are going to, you should decide what fits the most.

Dont forget to take a shower and pouring some perfume on you. Women can also choose some nice jewelry and make up for the night. Men, no facial hair please unless it really looks cool on you. Arrive on time.
Once arrived your date

First of all a exchange greetings, sit down and order your drinks. Some small talk. It is usual to talk about everyday things hobbies, jobs, homes, families, etc. If there is something you don’t want to talk about, there’s no why doing it but let others know about it.

Silence is not a good startup for swinging relationships. In the same way talking only when drunk is not neither. Be careful with the alcohol when first meeting another swinger couple.

If this swinger couple is for you, you will feel it. Since swingers are friends, not strangers, you will know if things are going well or not. If at any moment you feel really uncomfortable be polite and let the other singnig couple you don’t want to go any further.

If you think it is alright to keep on going with the date

It is time start communicating openly and widely. If you both are feeling this swinger couple you are dating with is really what you wanted, talk about it. Start talking about things you like in a swinging relationship. After this, you can agree a more intimate encounter.

You need to settle some rules about protection, like the use of condoms and anticonceptive methods for all of you. You need to be honest and ask for honestity also since it is your health and your mate’s one what you are talking about.

When everything is clear for all and every one agrees… it is time to have fun.