The phenomenon appeared among the American military communities at the end of 40`s and beginning of the 50`s, at the end of the Korean war, the practice being already very spread. These were also the bases of creation of the first organized groups through which the swingers could date safely, but especially with the warranty that they would find partners.

Such an organization SEXUAL FREEDOM LEAGUE, has been founded in 1960 in BERKLEY-CALIFORNIA, in the ultraliberal SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, followed by tens of such groups around the USA. But the 70`s belonged to the United Kingdom, where entire small middle-classes from the suburbs of the large cities hid this secret.

Nowadays, capitalism fully benefits by the increasingly demand of what has become to be known as the sexual services market.”We are talking here about a lifestyle, more than about a sexual practice.”, declared Robert McGinley, the septuagenarian president of the Lifestyles Organizations, in the framework of the Annual Swinging Convention from this year in Las Vegas.

Actually, Swing exists since the Roman times under the name of Roman Orgies. Along the time, it took different names and forms, in the 60`s it was called wife-swapping swing of wife and it was controlled more by the man who chose to bargain the trade of the wife with the wife of the other man. Nowadays, Swing has become an activity with equal opportunities, in which both man and woman are pro-active in finding partners, each enjoying equally the chosen activity. According to the descriptions, wife-swapping was initiated by the militaries from the 1st World War. The soldiers used to organize farewell parties where each engaged himself to take care of the other`s wife, satisfying any need (including the sexual ones).

Then followed the so-called key – parties, where the pairs that arrived at the party left the key of the house in an urn. At the end of the party, each lady chose a key and left with its male owner.

SW clubs appeared after some private parties. The first clubs appeared in California, Chicago and New York. Already in 1972, there were over 18 such clubs in Southern California.