Erotic things in lifestyle should be a rite for a swinger couple.

Eroticism is one of the things lifestyle is always open and ready to receive. Look at it as you want but, more than a rite, it is a need for a swinger couple to be erotic.

Why erotic stuff is so important in lifestyle?
Rites are common amongst swinger couples. First , you flirt a little , then you move on a little closer , you invite the other swinging couple a drink and a share a table together, it is always about the same thing in swingers lifestyle but, (here comes the good stuff ) erotic lifestyle couples don’t like this rite, a real swinger couple must know how to seem erotic from a mile away , a erotic swinger couple must manage the art of seduction , the art of flirting , the art and rituals of eroticism , the pure essence of swinging. I won’t go into details since you have to live things by yourself in a spontaneous way to enjoy them.

How to be erotic enough to catch other swinger couple attention
Let’s look at it in this way, even when you are in a swinger lifestyle party , it may be pretty obvious , you are there with a purpose and , it is to catch a good swinger couple attention. You may start by doing some things near the couple you like, you may kiss each other, may be you can have some caressing, some oral sex or even intercourse while looking at them and do it with passion and eroticism (your couple may seem erotic cause in lifestyle to look one) as if it were a rite, swinger couples may realize that you love and desire each other so they want to come in and have some of that real fun you are into.

What may I get from swinging in this way?
When in a swinger club or party , you’ll get to see the real swingers , those who , looking for new experiences , have learned the way to catch the ones they want attention , it means where they put the eye , they lay the eye , the bullet goes , you can target and get any couple you want.